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After so much of disruption in last 2 years, the schools have finally opened, but it is feared that a lots of underprivileged children may have dropped out of school before they complete their education this year. 

Also due to the lock down and economic recessions in households, it is likely that the responsibilities on girls will increase and even those enrolled in schools may drop out.

The children from the deprived section are getting cut off from the learning cycle. 

These happiness study kits which contain food and stationary items like books, notebooks, pencil, pens, crayons, biscuits, chocolates, etc will provide the young kids a lot of happiness and a way to stay in the learning mindset and also to express their creativity in the best manner by writing, reading, painting and sketching.

You can join us in this endeavor by sponsoring a HAPPINESS STUDY KIT for a student and we will share with you a picture of the donated kits marked with your name on them.

We ensure 100% transparency because as a donor you have every right to know when, where, and how your donation is bringing change in someone’s life.


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