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Happiness Acts Trust flood
Bangalore flood Happiness Acts Trust


Unprecedented and continuous heavy downpour had brought parts of Bengaluru to its knees few days before.

Roads were inundated, rainwater entered homes, flights were diverted, buses and other vehicles broke down, schools were shut and boats were pressed into service.

While the downpour was more widespread, affecting more than just the low-lying areas, civic authorities said that the monsoon rain received this year is the second highest rainfall in the city since 1971.

Slums in Bengaluru had been flooded and many families had been affected. There is an urgent need for food aid as well as logistics to carry out distribution of food and other relief supplies in those flooded areas. Immediate relief assistance is required to prevent further deterioration of the nutritional status of the most vulnerable population.

Happiness Acts Trust intends to support the families in the flood affected areas by providing Emergency Food Kit, Protection Kit, Children Special care kit and Blankets & Towel as an emergency aid measure.

Emergency Food Aid Kit@ ₹1000

Contains: Rice, Dal, Sambhar powder, Sugar, Salt, oil, Turmeric Powder, Wheat Powder, Biscuits, Bread, ORS tetra packs, Water Bottle and Tea Powder

Protection Kit@ ₹500

Contains: Tarpaulin, Brush, Toothpaste, Soap, Mosquito Coil, Dettol and Sanitary Pad

Special Care Kit@ ₹600*

Contains: Diapers, Milk powder, Baby food packet
* for families with a child below 5 yrs

Blankets and Towels@ ₹500

Would be providing one blanket and 2 Towels


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