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Help Asha fight cancer.

Asha, a 35 year old married lady living with her husband and 9 year old son in a small village called Aravenu in the Nilgiris.

Unfortunately in the year 2017, Asha was diagnosed with Carcinoma of the left breast (Breast Cancer) , she was treated with Mastectomy surgery and also underwent radio therapy for a year. 

It was told that she had fully recovered from the deadly disease… until 3 months ago when she realised she had swelling on her neck area .

She was reviewed and initially it was suggested that this was just an orthopaedic problem. After recurring pain and consecutive consultation and investigations the doctors concluded that she had recurrence of breast cancer with  secondary metastatsis to Lymphnodes and bones.

Asha since then has undergone surgery for removal of the uterus and ovaries. This had cost them around 3.5 lakhs. She was advised to commence on Tablets Palbace , Biphosphonates and AI . She has also been advised to continue on this treatment for 9 months. Doctors are hopeful the treatment would limit the spread further. Asha too is hopeful that she could lead her life with her family .

Asha has commenced on the first cycle of treatment .The total cost is around Rs.90000 for a month that includes , weekly blood tests , along with the medications

Asha used to work earlier and earn Rs.15000  but she had to stopped working due to her current illness. Her husband used to run a photo studio which he had to close down due to financial reasons and currently works from home making Albums and earns around Rs.10000 a month .

As of now she is getting support from a few friends, family and well wishers but this is not sufficient to support her treatment

The treatment is estimated to cost Rs.8,00,000 which the hospital has quoted and the family is not able to afford it.

You could help save her life and fight out the deadly disease

Your contribution is very important to help her survive!

Lets give her a helping hand in the fight →

In case you are residing outside of  India and wanted to donate in foreign currency, please visit the link https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/offer-a-helping-hand-to-support-ashas-treatment-705201

Estimated Treatment cost

Current medicine cost

Medical records

Happiness Acts Trust does not charge any fees for this campaign.

100% of the money donated will go for the treatment of Asha.

Your Donations are eligible for 80G Tax benefit, please provide PAN number while donating to avail Tax benefits.

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