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Thank you for all your support. 

We were able to successfully fund for the prosthetic leg for this Patient. 

Happiness acts Trust along with Gawa Trust was able to mobilise 1 Lakh Rupees and the same was handed over to the Patient


The CaMpaign

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Poverty and disability are a deadly combination. Really “Deadly”.

Poverty is dangerous but when disability also comes along, the affected are left with very little choice of livelihood and mobility.

Such is story of Panjalie from Adavalla Village near Kotagiri in the Nilgiris district, a 61 year old widow for whom agriculture was the only source of income.

In January this year she was affected with Covid and she had recovered from it, but the problems just did not end there, just in 2 weeks time after recovering from Covid, she had experienced acute pain in her right leg and she was unable to walk, with limited resources she had, she had managed to consult some specialty doctors in Coimbatore.

When she had visited doctors little did she know that was the last day when she can walk freely, she was diagnosed with high Sugar levels which had suddenly developed and was advised to amputee her legs till the knee level, with whatever help financial received from friends and family, her relatives were able to arrange for the surgery and her lower part of her leg till knee was amputated.

But just within 2 days after undergoing surgery, the Gangrene had started spreading to the remaining part of leg and it was almost spreading to the lungs and the heart. So, without much choice left the whole leg was further amputated till the hip level.

Its with some little help of walker she has been able to move around and she would need a prosthetic leg fixed to look at a better life ahead.

She stays alone in her house in her village and her daughters are now helping her in her daily activities and the only way for her to get back to life is to have a prosthetic leg fixed.

The prosthetic leg costs Rs.1.6 Lakhs and we need good hearted like you to come forward and help

Your contribution will help her to step ahead !!

* A prosthetic limb, more commonly known as an artificial limb is a mechanical device commonly used to replace a missing limb. Such devices help amputees in living a normal life even after missing one or more limb(s).

This donation is eligible for 50% tax benefit u/s 80G of Income tax Act

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