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Help Pavan Heal: Support His Urgent Surgeries

Happiness Acts Trust Beneficiary Pavan

Pavan is the sole bread winner for his family.  On 9th June, Sunday night, when Pavan was returning back from his work, he was involved in a tragic accident where a car struck the right side of his body. The impact has left him with multiple fractures, requiring urgent and extensive medical attention.

He is currently admitted Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Bangalore for treatment.

The severity of his injuries means that he will need several surgeries to address the fractures and begin the long road to recovery. Each surgery is critical to restore function and prevent further complications.

The Surgery and the treatment costs around 1.25 lakhs and his family is not able to afford it.

We are reaching out to you for help in funding these necessary surgeries, and any contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in ensuring he receives the treatment he urgently needs.

The treatment is estimated to cost Rs.1,25,000 which the hospital has quoted.

Your timely help can save his life and help him recover!

Thank you for your generosity and compassion during this difficult time.

Lets give him a helping hand in the fight →

Happiness Acts Trust Beneficiary

Estimated treatment cost

Current medicine record

Happiness Acts Trust does not charge any fees for this campaign.

100% of the money donated will go for the treatment of Pavan.

Your Donations are eligible for 80G Tax benefit, please provide PAN number while donating to avail Tax benefits.

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