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menstrual cup

Make that time of the month

hygienic, stress-free and environment-friendly

for a underprivileged women

"That time of the month"

“That time of the month” as most of us prefer to indicate our periods cycle is one of the most difficult times for almost all women. The physical discomfort, the PMS, frequent trips to the loo, rashes, bloating, and fear of staining – all add up to make it a miserable experience. While women are already undergoing all these, they also have to take care of hygiene and cleanliness.

One of the basic needs for all females who have attained puberty is sanitary pads, an agreed upon fact. Though a widely used product, sanitary pads have its own demerits related to health and environment.

At Happiness Acts Trust along with the partnership with Nari-Yari, we endeavor to change a vital factor in this equation by encouraging women to move from a single-use disposable pad to a reusable medical-grade silicone menstrual cup. We want to direct women towards a safer menstrual cycle by protecting them from the myriad of chemicals present in sanitary napkins.


Money spent on sanitary pads in 10 years is ₹12000-45000

A woman uses 10-15 sanitary pads per period x 12 months x 35 yrs> = appx 6000 disposable sanitary pads in a lifetime!

Most of the sanitary waste is disposed in open landfills in unsanitary conditions

For safe disposal, sanitary napkin waste needs to incinerated at temperatures > 800˚C

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  • Completely safe
    Made of soft medical grade silicone & are platinum cured
  • Hygienic
    Forms a seal with the vaginal wall and is held firmly in place to collect menstrual flow.
  • No leakage
    Collects menstrual flow rather than absorbing it, so it will be a lot less than what you imagine.
  • Comfort
    Depending on age, physical activity, stage of menstruation and pre & post pregnancy phase, one can choose the variant of cup ranging from smooth, regular and hard.
  • Money spent on menstrual cups in 10 years is ₹250-500
  • Menstrual cups are reusable and can be used for 8-10 years
  • Contribute to the environment as it significantly reduces sanitary waste
  • Maintains the pH & lowers instances of bacterial infections.
  • Rash-free period – No wings, or irritants to cause rashes 
  • No risk of TSS – Can be used safely for up to 12 hours
  • No dangerous chemicals used 
  • No allergies 


Nari-Yari is a brainchild of two environmentalists – Nisha Bellare and Latha Krishna with the objective to uphold women health and hygiene while reducing the impact of sanitary waste on the environment. While diving for a solution, they not only came across the adverse effects of sanitary waste, but were shocked to see the harmful chemicals present in a seemingly safe sanitary pad like dioxin that can cause abnormal tissue growth in reproductive organs.

Thus, was born Nari-Yari, a proud Made in India brand that manufactures, markets and sells menstrual cups, a hygiene product for women (Nari) which is healthy, environment-friendly (Yari), and stress-free. The menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone and have been tested and approved to be free from cytotoxicity and vaginal irritation under ISO 10993-10: 2010 (E), ISO 10993-5: 2009(E).

Nari Yari

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With you, we can ensure management of menstrual hygiene in a more safe and sustainable way.

Help us distribute 10,000 menstrual cups to women across India.

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