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Your contribution means a lot and the one who will receive this help will certainly be very thankful that you have filled their day with happiness.

You will receive photo proof of your donation reaching the beneficiary within the next 7 days.

Thank you once again for the donation !

We’ve also sent the donation receipt to your email id for your reference.

If you have any queries regarding your donation, You can reach us on 9342468808

Donations above Rs 500 will be eligible for 50% deduction from taxable income under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

From Financial year 2021 -22, under latest IT rules, all the NGOs would be required to upload all the donation details to income tax website under form 10 BD and generate a certificate as per form 10BE.  Happiness Acts Trust would generate this certificate and email to donors at the end of every financial Year.

If you need TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE (80G) for your donation , please click here https://happinessacts.org/tec-form/


Therasammal, living in Pammal district near Chennai, despite facing the challenges of being deaf and dumb, has now been diagnosed with a severe heart condition that requires an Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) surgery at One Health Hospital in Vandalur, Chennai.

This life-saving procedure is her only chance to live. The surgery costs around 3.5 Lakhs and Therasammal’s family income is barely enough to make ends meet. 

Donate and help Therasammal survive

Add Happiness in Someone’s life

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